The informal report from the RFC 1149 event

Finally, rfc 1149 is implemented! On saturday 28th of april 2001, the worlds very first rfc 1149 network was tested. The weather was quite nice, despite being in one of the most rainy places in Norway. The ping was started approximately at 12:15. We decided to do a 7 12 minute interval between the ping packets, that would leave a couple of packets unanswered, given ideal situations. Things didn’t happen quite that way, though.

Minutes from BOF #1 of the unofficial CPIP WG

Participants Svein Arne Rosendal Gjert Hole Peter N. M. Hansteen Karl Magnus Kolstø Vegard Engen Agenda Introduction to avian carriers (pigeons) Formation of a CPIP WG WG plan, responsibilities. Current and future activities. Pictures. 1. Introduction to Avian Carriers. Gjert Hole and Svein Arne Rosendal Gjert and Svein Arne gave us a thorough introduction to pigeons. We visited their pigeons, and took some pictures for documentation purposes.