Minutes from BOF #1 of the unofficial CPIP WG


  • Svein Arne Rosendal
  • Gjert Hole
  • Peter N. M. Hansteen
  • Karl Magnus Kolstø
  • Vegard Engen


  1. Introduction to avian carriers (pigeons)
  2. Formation of a CPIP WG
  3. WG plan, responsibilities.
  4. Current and future activities.
  5. Pictures.

1. Introduction to Avian Carriers. Gjert Hole and Svein Arne Rosendal

Gjert and Svein Arne gave us a thorough introduction to pigeons. We visited their pigeons, and took some pictures for documentation purposes.

2. Formation of CPIP WG

We all agreed that the project needs to be done. Members of the WG will be the participants of the meeting, possibly with more members added later.

3. WG plan, responsibilities.

Svein Arne Rosendal and Gjert Hole agreed to take responsibility for research of the physical transmission of the avian carriers and the mechanism of attachment of the packets to the legs of the avian carriers. BLUG will take care of the interface between the computers and the avian carriers.

The due date of the implentation was set to april 28th 2001, when a public demonstration is to be held. This is subject to be dependent on weather conditions in april, for the training of the avian carriers.

4. Current and future activities

Karl Magnus and Vegard are in the process of acquiring scanners to be used, and will start researching OCR and Linux ASAP. Svein Arne and Gjert will find two suitable transmission endpoints and inform/ask the responsible persons at those locations. Svein Arne and Gjert will also start researching the attachment method of the packets to the legs of the pigeons.

5. Pictures