Fighting for free video

ved Christopher 'Monty' Montgomery

Media City Bergen - ‘Pressekonferanse-rommet’

Fighting for free video - technical tactics and war stories from the FOSS audio and video codec frontier

Månedens møte arrangeres i samarbeid med Norwegian Unix User Group (NUUG), som har møte med samme emne og foredragsholder

Onsdag 24. april 2019 kl. 17.00
Store Studio, NRK, Marienlyst, Oslo
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First they came for ARC. Free software replaced it. Then they came for GIF. Free software replaced it. Then they came for MP3. What on Earth did they expect Free software to do?

MPEG played it a little smarter than SEA or CompuServe. Threatened lawsuits never happened; they simply hung in the air like the Sword of Damocles, poisoning the market waters. As intended, this boxed out the Free MP3 encoder projects, the people directly responsible for MP3’s growing success. And the rest of the world mostly continued treating MP3 like a ‘free’ format and mostly didn’t get sued. Mostly.

But the Free codec hackers did not forget, and thus far we choose not to forgive.

I present recollections, technical asides, and unsubstantiable gossip in an intentionally one-sided history of the codec wars. From the early days of LAME to the dawning story of the new AV1, come hear about the tactics and maneuvers of Free codec development.

Christopher (Monty) Montgomery

has been professionally active in audio and compression since 1993. He founded Xiph.Org in 1994 and began the Vorbis codec in 1998, shortly after Fraunhofer IIS and Thomson Multimedia threatened legal action against FOSS MP3 encoder projects.

Over time Monty and Xiph.Org have developed or contributed to other Free and Open Source codecs such as Speex, FLAC, Theora, Daala, CELT, Opus, and AV1. Monty’s other software includes CDParanoia and Postfish, and he’s contributed to Audacity and Cinelerra in the service of musical theater, video, and stage production.

Monty holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science with a concentration in music from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a M.Eng. in Computer Engineering from Tokyo Institute of Technology. He is currently a research engineer at the Mozilla Corporation, where he works on digital media standards.


Denne gangen er vi i Pressekonferanse-rommetMedia City Bergen, rommet befinner seg i første etasje, mot tårn 1 og har kapasitet til 44 gjester. Vi har rommet til disposisjon til kl 20:30.

"Kart over MCB"

I foajeen er det kaffebar med skjenkebevilling og et enkelt mattilbud. Ta gjerne med deg noe leske inn.

Skulle en ønske å spise et måltid før møtet, holder “restauranten” Friends of Classics åpent fram til kl 20.

Foredraget vil sannsynligvis bli filmet, og streamet live på YouTube.