Hands on Hacking

with Chris Dale

Bergen Offentlige Bibliotek

Tired of endless powerpoints? Eyes bleeding and head about to explode from lectures? Simmer down and join in for a fun evening with demos, demos and demos! Chris will take you on a date through web applications and server hacking. He’ll demonstrate through hands-on demos how applications are broken into, shells are spawned, and pwnage is obtained. We’ll also cover some of the incident response and defensive techniques to counter many of the attacks demonstrated.

I’m Chris Dale from Norway, currently the technical lead for penetration testing & incident handling at Netsecurity. Along with my security expertise, I have a background from system development and application management. Having a vast and broad experience in IT certainly help a great deal when working penetration tests and incidents.

Additionally to my day job, I also teach two SANS courses at a community level. The courses are Hacking Techniques, Exploits & Incident Handling and Incident Response Team Management. This course prepares you for the GIAC Certification in Incident Handling (GCIH). I find it extremely motivating and fun to teach others the art of security and hacking, and I often find that my passion and enthusiasm rubs off on my students.



Biblioteket stenger kl. 20. Vårt møtetidspunkt er derfor flyttet fra 19:00 til 18:30. Du finner også eventen på facebook.

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